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About Alder Creek Honey

Providing the Corvallis and local area with raw honey, products of the hive, swarm removal and commercial crop pollination services for the smaller farmers fields and orchards in the Willamette Valley. We are small and we like it that way, so we can provide personal custom products and services.

Honey & Hive Products

We offer a wide variety of honey flavors and colors, along with an assortment of lip balms in tubes and tins. We can also provide you with custom bottled honey for gifts or weddings.

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Honey Bee Swarms

Collecting swarms and relocating them to our apiary is a free service we offer. If you locate a honey bee swarm, give us a call right away. Thanks for saving the honeybees!

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Commercial Crop Pollination

Whether you need 4 hives, 24 hives or more, contact us for your commercial crop pollinating needs in the Willamette Valley. We will provide you with quality hives at a fair price.

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Almonds 2018

Some of our hives down in the almonds this year.  Hives built up nicely while there.

We have since pulled them out and they are back here in Oregon enjoying our nice wet weather.  Now we have to split them.

Late Winter 2018

Opened up some hives to check them to see about heading down to the almonds.  Great to see that many bees.  Now I just have to keep them fed and dry!

(Sorry for the blurry pictures!  Hard to balance the top box, hold camera and take pictures all at once with gloves on since the bees were kind of upset)


2017 Holiday Bazaar Sales

We will be selling our honey and hive products at the following events this holiday season.  Come look for us and sample our honey’s before you make your purchase.  We also have creamed honey!

  • November 18th, 9am-4pm : NACC Holiday Bazaar – North Albany Community Church, Albany, OR
  • November 24th, 9am-5pm : Polk County Craft Festival – Polk County Fairgrounds, Rickreall, OR
  • November 25th, 9am-5pm : Polk County Craft Festival – Polk County Fairgrounds, Rickreall, OR
  • December 1st, 12pm-8pm : Town & Country Bazaar – Linn County Expo Center/Fairgrounds, Albany, OR
  • December 2nd, 10am-6pm : Town & Country Bazaar – Linn County Expo Center/Fairgrounds, Albany, OR
  • December 3rd, 10am-4pm : Town & Country Bazaar – Linn County Expo Center/Fairgrounds, Albany, OR
  • December 9th, 9am-3pm : Aumsville Elementry Bazaar – Aumsville Elementry School, Aumsville, OR
  • December 16th, 10am-5pm : SaveHaven Fundraiser and Craft Bazaar, Corvallis Country Club, Corvallis, OR

Summer Pollination

We moved some of our hives into a field of sunflower and phacelia.  This is the first time we have ever been on these flowers, so we are anxious to see what they do.  Phacelia is supposed to be a flower that the bees love.  Hopefully they will produce a lot of honey from it!


Hives on Sunflower mixSunflower

Radish Pollination

This year we were able to place hives on two different farmers radish fields.  Both of them have been great to work with.  Anxious to see what we end up with for honey from these two fields.


Radishes2 Radishes3

2016 Season

Another year begins…

We are currently getting ready to take some of our hives to California to give them a jump start again this year.  Last year was a huge success, our hive came back boiling over with bees.  We were able to do multiple splits of our hives, by adding queens that picked up while in CA on the return trip home.

Right now we are feeding our bees extra sugar blocks and protein patties.  They also have been doing a little bit of flying on the warmer days and bringing in pollen.  Great to see, even though it is still January!


Blackberry Flow

BlackberryBeeThe blackberry flow is on!  The bees are VERY active bringing in the nectar and dehydrating it down in the comb.  Should be a very good your for honey production from the berries.  Fortunately my hives were ready for it.  Amazing how fast they can fill a box with honey.



Clover Pollination

Added some hives to a crimson/red clover mix this morning.  What a beautiful crop!  Bees were all over the clover, hopefully there will be some great honey coming from it.


Crimson Clover Corvallis