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About Alder Creek Honey

Providing the Corvallis and local area with raw honey, products of the hive, swarm removal and commercial crop pollination services for the smaller farmers fields and orchards in the Willamette Valley. We are small and we like it that way, so we can provide personal custom products and services.

Honey & Hive Products

We offer a wide variety of honey flavors and colors, along with an assortment of lip balms in tubes and tins. We can also provide you with custom bottled honey for gifts or weddings.

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Honey Bee Swarms

Collecting swarms and relocating them to our apiary is a free service we offer. If you locate a honey bee swarm, give us a call right away. Thanks for saving the honeybees!

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Commercial Crop Pollination

Whether you need 4 hives, 24 hives or more, contact us for your commercial crop pollinating needs in the Willamette Valley. We will provide you with quality hives at a fair price.

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2014 Honey Season

We had a great season this year.  We had hives at 6 locations that produced some great honey.  In fact, our dark honey took first place as the 2014 Oregon State Fair!  That was exciting since it was our first year entering honey into competition.

Ready for Winter?

Our bees are ready for winter!  We fed our bees to help them build up a supply of honey to get them through the winter.  Hopefully they will be all nestled in ready to survive the long wet and cold winter.


Some of our hives will be taking an early vacation down to California in January and come back in April.  We tried this last year and our hives came back packed with bees and were ready to be split into multiple hives.  This year more hives will be going down.