Honey Products

Raw Unfiltered Honey

Looking for the purest, most natural honey available? Look no further than my raw unfiltered honey! My honey is collected straight from my hives in Benton, Linn, and Polk counties, ensuring the highest quality and purest taste possible. I never heat the honey to high temperatures, which preserves all the natural healthy parts of the honey. Plus, because the honey contains trace amounts of local pollen, it may even help with your allergies! Enjoy the delicious taste and health benefits of the raw unfiltered honey today.

Some of the varieties we may have available include blackberry, wildflower, meadowfoam, phacelia, red clover, pumpkin & melon, maple, vetch, radish and turnip.  


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Reach out to Alder Creek Honey and let me know how I can help you experience the sweet taste of nature with the raw unfiltered honey and creamed honey. Plus, don't forget to ask about my crop pollination and swarm removal services. Get in touch today!