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Summer Pollination

We moved some of our hives into a field of sunflower and phacelia.  This is the first time we have ever been on these flowers, so we are anxious to see what they do.  Phacelia is supposed to be a flower that the bees love.  Hopefully they will produce a lot of honey from it!


Hives on Sunflower mixSunflower

Radish Pollination

This year we were able to place hives on two different farmers radish fields.  Both of them have been great to work with.  Anxious to see what we end up with for honey from these two fields.


Radishes2 Radishes3

2016 Season

Another year begins…

We are currently getting ready to take some of our hives to California to give them a jump start again this year.  Last year was a huge success, our hive came back boiling over with bees.  We were able to do multiple splits of our hives, by adding queens that picked up while in CA on the return trip home.

Right now we are feeding our bees extra sugar blocks and protein patties.  They also have been doing a little bit of flying on the warmer days and bringing in pollen.  Great to see, even though it is still January!


Blackberry Flow

BlackberryBeeThe blackberry flow is on!  The bees are VERY active bringing in the nectar and dehydrating it down in the comb.  Should be a very good your for honey production from the berries.  Fortunately my hives were ready for it.  Amazing how fast they can fill a box with honey.



Clover Pollination

Added some hives to a crimson/red clover mix this morning.  What a beautiful crop!  Bees were all over the clover, hopefully there will be some great honey coming from it.


Crimson Clover Corvallis

Apple Pollination


We’ve just placed hives in an apple orchard.  Amazing how early the trees are blooming.  As soon as we opened the hives they were flying and getting oriented.  After placing other hives I went back to photograph these 3 hives.  The air was a constant buzz of bees flying!!

Hopefully the nice weather holds so the apple blossoms and newly set fruit don’t get hit by a late season freeze.



First Honey Bee Swarm of 2015

swarm1Picked up my first swarm on Tuesday the 17th in Albany.  This was from an oak tree hive that I got 5 swarms from last year.  This year I will be trapping the hive out of the tree because the owner says it disturbs people walking down the sidewalk in front of his house.  Better to trap it out then have it exterminated.

Orchard Pollination

The weather has been wonderful for the bees!  It also has brought the fruit trees on early.  We received a call and asked to move hives into a small orchard helping their trees get pollinated since there were not pollinators in the area.  Plums are blooming now with apples and cherries to follow.  Hopefully my hives get the job done again this year.

If you need pollination for your orchards or crops, give us a call.